Commercial property For Sale 

Explore investment opportunities in
POLNA CARLSBAD a prime location
of growth and innovation.


45,500 m2


5,000 m2

Prime Location for Diverse Developments

Strategically located just 1 km from the Bavarian border, this property offers unmatched accessibility via its own paved access road and a private asphalt road leading directly to the premises.

Equipped with comprehensive utilities

2 drinking water wells

There are 2 sewage treatment plants (one of which requires repair and modernization).

own high-voltage electricity transformer station

internet connectivity

asphalt road on our private property

video surveillance covers the entire property

the property is fully fence

International Airport:


250 km


160 km

Karlovy Vary

50 km

Seamless Connectivity

The property is leased out and generates a high stable income

She lease agreement is always concluded for one year (starting from July 1 of each year), and each year the rent increases along with indexing.

Main building

4 floors:

basement, two full floors, attic. Ceiling height on all floors is 3.5 meters. Total building area is 3,500 square meters. The building has a reinforced concrete FRAME-STRUCTURE. Remodeling is possible. External and internal walls are non-load-bearing. The building is in good condition but requires renovation.

In the building consisting

4 offices

2 full-sized apartments

dormitory for workers


Full-fledged kitchen

changing rooms for workers

First House

Versatile space for immediate Use

A new, fully equipped private house awaits on the complex, covering an area of 180 m^2, perfect for residential or office use.


Fully furnished and equipped with appliances.

Second house

The house has an area of 96 square meters Includes:

Fully furnished and equipped with appliances.

It can be used as both an office and a residence.

Third house

The house has an area of 30 square meters Includes:

Fully furnished and equipped with appliances.

We invite you to view visualizations of your business

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Endless Possibilities for Development

This area is suitable for:

Відтворити відео

Situated in the heart of a densely populated area brimming with a skilled and abundant labor force, this property offers unparalleled advantages for investors and entrepreneurs alike.

Abundant Labor Force:

Leverage the densely populated area's skilled workforce to fuel your operations and growth.

Our servises

23 years of experience in Czech real estate. We offer our clients comprehensive services in the segments of industrial, logistics, retail trade, hotels, construction projects, as well as medical, residential and office real estate.

Experienced consultant

in everything relating to real estate in the czech republic, with a full range of relevant services.

Engineering of any complexity, including clean rooms

A complete package of documents for construction authorities. Obtaining the necessary permits. Putting the facility into operation.

Due diligence is key when purchasing commercial real estate

This minimizes the risk to your business. Make sure the building is a smart investment.


Drive your growth or projects with the right financial decisions. Kickstart your next projects with financing tailored to your reality.

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Transform your vision into reality in POLNA CARLSBAD, where every square meter offers a promise of growth, innovation, and success. Join us in creating a future where your business, your community, and your ideas can flourish.